Blush Tips

Having a soft rosy look may seem like something only super models or brides can achieve, but in actual fact, you can also have a radiant glow with these easy blush tips.

Choosing Blush

The key thing to remember when choosing blush, is that you want to aim for a natural flush rather than bright coloured cheeks.

Professional makeup artists recommend pinching your cheeks and matching that colour. This could be bit embarrassing if done in a shop, so if in doubt, speak to a consultant or shop assistant – often they can advise you at no cost.

Choose subtle neutrals rather than strong pinks or reds. This will also keep the colour closer to your skin tone. Cream and gel blush can make skin appear oily and can be harder to blend, however these work well with a crème foundation.

For a sun kissed glow, aim for a bronzing powder. This works very well especially if you use it with a tinted moisturiser or if you want to look more tanned.

How To Use Blush

Once you’ve found the right shade, you will need to learn how to use blush for best results.

Here are a few top tips from makeup artists:

  • Makeup artists use big fluffy brushes to blend the blush in circular movements over the apples of the cheeks. Smaller brushes do not get the same soft effect and can make your blush appear painted on.
  • Tap the brush to remove excess powder before applying to your face. This will ensure that you don’t put too much on.
  • Make sure you blend and brush smoothly until there are no lines and the colour is evenly applied. The overall result should make you appear slightly flushed, not over heated or too pink.
  • You can use face powder to cover up and mistakes or over-usage, this will subdue the shade.
  • The general guideline is to skip the blush if you’re using a strong colour for your lips, or use blush if you’re using a more subtle lip colour.

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