Camouflage Tips

There is nothing worse than waking up to find you’ve had an overnight break out, or discovering the first signs of aging.

These effective camouflage tips will help you handle those bad skin days we all dread.

Acne Camouflage

The following acne camouflage tips will help to disguise the scarring and redness associated with acne:

  • Tone down redness by rubbing a block of ice over the skin before applying concealer.
  • Always use oil-free concealer and foundation, and use loose face powder rather than pressed to blot access oil.
  • Use a green toned concealer, which neutralises any redness.
  • For scarring, avoid concealer and foundation that is lighter than your skin tone, as this will make the lighter scar tissue stand out.
  • An application of loose powder will take away any shine.

Aging Camouflage

These aging camouflage tips will help you fight the signs of aging:

  • Start with a good anti-aging skincare regime, including a good quality eye cream and skin plumper.
  • Apply concealer to fill in the fine lines around your mouth and eyes, using a very fine brush and blending in well.
  • Use a liquid or crème foundation to blend across your skin, and blend in well.
  • Finish off with an application of pressed powder, which is less drying on the skin.

Tiredness Camouflage

Try these tiredness camouflage tips to brighten up your skin:

  • Start off with a good revitalising eye gel to tone down any puffiness.
  • Use a yellow toned concealer under your eyes to tone down any dark circles.
  • Apply a liquid or crème foundation in a peach tone to give a healthy glow.
  • Finish off with some white eyeliner on your bottom lids to make eyes seem larger and brighter, followed by a peach blush on your cheeks for some colour.

With these easy tips, waking up to a bad skin will never get your down again. Knowing how to camouflage your flaws is a skill every woman should have.

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