Concealer Tips

Trying to make those dark circles under your eyes from a late night? These proven concealer tips will help you banish imperfections.

Choosing Concealer

Factors that you should consider when choosing concealer mainly relate to your skin tone.

Here are a few points to remember when choosing the right shade:

  • Red or pink toned skin types should use concealers with a green undertone. You can also add a small amount of green eye shadow if you can’t find the right shade.
  • Those with dark under-eye circles or blue toned skin types should use a yellow or peach toned concealer to neutralise the darker tones.
  • Your concealer should be the exact shade as your foundation. If you can’t find the right tone, buy a shade lighter. If you don’t use foundation, concealer must match your skin tone.

Applying Concealer

Applying concealer is not as daunting as it may seem. If you use the right tools and follow these simple tips, you’ll get the knack of it in no time.

When you apply your concealer, remember these guidelines:

  • Concealer should always be applied before foundation. Make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturised, as concealer tends to settle into fine lines on dry skin.
  • Use concealer under your eyes, but never use a lighter shade on this area as it will lead to ‘raccoon eyes’. Rather use a yellow or peach toned shade.
  • Other places to use concealer are along the nose and on the chin. Remember to blend the edges into your neck area to keep the look natural looking.
  • An eye shadow brush works best for applying the concealer, as it allows you to finely blend it into your skin.
  • Be careful not to use too much, and rather aim to counter-act imperfections. You should never be able to see concealer, so always keep it natural looking.
  • To cover spots, use a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone. This will make it invisible, and reduce the redness. Blend the edges with a brush to finish it off.

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