Foundation Tips

Before you apply your makeup, you need to even out your complexion to get a flawless looking skin. These foundation tips will help you achieve a radiant looking skin.

Choosing Foundation

The most essential thing to consider when choosing foundation is your skin tone and type.

Foundation that does not exactly match your skin tone will be noticeable instantly, and for all the wrong reasons. You ideally need to find the tone that matches your skin tone, or mix two shades to create the exact tone.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when choosing a foundation:

  • If your skin tone is fairly even naturally, use a tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation for a sheer and natural coverage.
  • Use the inside of your forearm to test the colour of foundation.
  • Try and test the colour in natural light if possible. UV lights can distort the colour.
  • If you’re not sure about the right colour, rather get a lighter shade than a darker shade.
  • There are different types of foundation, all giving a differing coverage. Liquid foundation gives a smooth finish, crème foundation gives a natural, blended finish, matte foundation gives a dry, matte look and sheer foundations give a light coverage.

Foundation Application

You may have thought that foundation application was simply a matter of slapping it on your face, but to ensure a perfect complexion you need to master the basic technique.

Here are some good tips for applying foundation:

  • Make sure your skin is cleansed, toned and moisturised. Clean skin is essential for a smooth coverage.
  • Put a small blob of foundation onto your hand, and starting with your forehead, apply small dots and blend with your fingers or damp sponge into your skin, blending downwards.
  • Next, apply the foundation to your cheeks, chin, nose and upper neck, remembering to blend downwards.
  • You can add a drop of water to the foundation if you want to get a more sheer look, this is ideal for a casual look during the day.

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