Lip Colour Tips

Having luscious lips Angelina Jolie-style is something that most of us long for. Follow these lip colour tips and you’ll be puckering up with style!

Choosing Lip Colour

Wearing the right lip colour is the key to having a sexy pout. Following these guidelines for choosing lip colour to ensure you have the right shade for your complexion:

  • Light haired with fair complexion: Avoid very light and very dark shades. Go for rose pinks, darker neutrals and pinkish reds.
  • Dark hair with medium to tanned complexion: Brunettes can go for almost any shade, but look best with rich chocolates, plums, darker pinks and shimmery neutrals.
  • Dark hair with dark complexion. Avoid lighter neutrals and go for rich plums, bright reds, metallic neutrals and dark pinks.

Remember to follow the basic rule when adding lip colour: Choose to focus on your eyes or lips. Strong eye makeup works best with subtle lip colour and vice versa.

Lasting Lip Colour

So now that you’ve found your ideal lip shade, how do you ensure lasting lip colour? Simple – just follow these easy long-last lip colour tips:

  • Start off by applying a coat of foundation or concealer over your lips, blending in the fine lines to avoid ‘bleeding’ or seeping into the skin.
  • Next, apply a fine coat of pressed powder in the same tone to set the foundation or concealer.
  • Using a lip pencil in the same shade as your lip colour, carefully line your lips. For fuller lips, line just above your natural line, and for thinner lips, line just below.
  • Using the lip pencil, fill in the inside beneath the line.
  • Apply another coat of face powder, being careful not to smudge the colour.
  • Now apply a coat of lip colour, using a lip brush to blend in evenly.
  • Finish off with a coat of clear lip gloss or lipstick sealer to seal in the colour.

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