Face Powder Tips

Now that you’ve applied your foundation, you’ll need to finish it off with face powder to ensure a long-lasting effect. These quick and easy face powder tips will give your skin a satiny finish.

Face Powder Types

All powders are the same, right? When it comes to face powder, not so! There are two different face powder types to choose from.

These types are as follows:

  • Pressed powder. This is face powder that is pressed into a compact, and is applied with a puff. The main benefit of pressed powder is that it’s a lot more convenient as compacts can easily fit into a handbag. It is also easier to apply in a rush, making it a good bet for during the day touch-ups.
  • Loose powder. This is loose powder that is applied with a big brush. Loose powder is lighter in weight, and is a good option for oilier skins as it absorbs moisture.

Face Powder Application

Face powder application depends on the type of powder that you are using.

Pressed face powder is applied as follows:

  • Using the puff that comes with the powder, apply a small amount of powder onto the puff.
  • Starting from the forehead, apply the powder in smooth, downward strokes.
  • Apply to the cheeks, chin, nose and neck in the same way, making sure that all areas have been well blended.

Loose face powder is applied in the following way:

  • Tip a large, soft brush into the powder, and tap the excess powder off into the container.
  • Apply small dabs of powder onto the skin just before the foundation has dried.
  • Brush downwards, with the hair direction, starting with your forehead.
  • Apply the powder to your cheeks, chin, nose and then neck area using the same downward brush stroke.
  • The best face powder tip is to follow the general rule of thumb: the dryer your skin, the less powder you use. That means use less if your skin is on the dry side and more if your skin is oilier.

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